Thursday, August 27, 2015

Does Your Child have Soft Skills?

In recent years, business employers have been reporting that young, new employees need better "soft skills".  Soft skills??   What are soft skills?  Do you remember taking courses in soft skills when you were in high school or college?  Probably not.  

The employers are saying that young people are coming into the work force with solid career knowledge and abilities.  For example, young engineers seem to know about engineering.  However, in soft skills, like communication, teamwork, initiative and resilience, they are lacking.  This is causing them to be less successful in their jobs and less productive for their employers.  Ultimately, some young adults are experiencing failure and loss of employment early in their careers because they lack soft skills.

Soft skills can be thought of as personal characteristics.  They are about how people manage themselves as they work with others.  Soft skills relate to how a person responds to those who are in superior, collaborative and  subordinate roles to them.  It also refers to how an individual responds to criticism, failure and ambiguity.  Stated simply, soft skills are how a person gets along with others and demonstrates the ability to solve problems in the workplace .                                                

Today's employers are looking for workers who understand social skills and can work productively with others, as well as, independently. They want workers who are collaborative and who can overcome adversity and difficulty.  
Parent power to the rescue!  As parents, you can help your children develop soft skills!  Do you allow your chldren to work through their own problems?  Have you taught them to consider the needs of others before their own?  Do they know and practice common courtesies like good manners, respect and kindness?  Have they ever experienced the feeling of working hard to accomplish a task or skills?  Do you hold them to their commitments when they join a team or take up a hobby?  Are they allowed to be a productive part of your family by taking full responsibility for assigned chores? Doing all of these things will provide your child with life experiences that prepare them for success in the work place and will help them grow into workers that are valuable employees for the companies that hire them.     
Please click and read the following article from about soft skills that are highly valued in today's work place.

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